Immediate Rewards - Scrumptious Meals and Dr. Howards Success Diet

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Step 2

(800 calorie)

This weight loss program combines nutritionally assured formula food with a healthy meal every day. It is ideal, for instance, for those who are unable to use 'Sole Source' for medical reasons. It is suitable for those above BMI 25.
  • 3 Immediate Rewards meals
  • 6oz (150g) portion of poultry meat (without skin or fat)
  • 8oz (250g) portion of white fish
  • 8oz (250g) tofu
  • 8oz (250g) skimmed milk cottage cheese
  • 3tbsp 'white or green' vegetables (cooked or raw) such as above
  • 0.5 pint (235ml) skimmed milk

  • Continue to drink at least 4 pints (2.25ltr) of water per day, and up to two cups unsweetened black tea or black coffee.

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