Immediate Rewards - Scrumptious Meals and Dr. Howards Success Diet

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Savings Enrollment & Distributorship

Losing weight is rarely easy! It's often said that "you alone can do it, but you can't do it alone", and that's why the Immediate Rewards Diet Stocking Distributor is the essential magic ingredient that leads to success.

The role of a Immediate Rewards Diet Stocking Distributor is to supply a full range of Immediate Rewards Diet Products and services, and to advise, give support and motivation to customers using our program for weight loss, weight maintenance, and a healthier lifestyle based on sound, balanced nutrition.

Code of Conduct
All Counselors in the comply with a Code of Conduct which covers every aspect of their activity and ensures that customers can expect a service of consistent quality. A more in depth look at the Code of Conduct can be found here.

Immediate Rewards Diet Stocking Distributors are accredited by Immediate Rewards, Inc. following initial training by the Stocking Distributor who introduces them to the business (using standard training materials issued by the Company), a product knowledge questionnaire and one-to-one accreditation interview by the Company.

All Stocking Distributors must experience taking the Immediate Rewards Diet products themselves, either as the sole source of nutrition or if this is not appropriate as a partial meal replacement program. Indeed, many Stocking Distributors have personal experience of losing a significant amount of weight. This means they can understand your concerns and how you are feeling at every point along the way.

Personal Service
Immediate Rewards Diet Stocking Distributors can be flexible in the way they work. Many have business premises (special diet centers, independent healthcare facilities or beauty salons for example), while others operate from their homes, or will visit you in your home. Some hold regular venues outside the home. Appropriate arrangements should be made with your own local Stocking Distributor.

At your first appointment, your Stocking Distributor will undertake a screening procedure to establish your weight and measurements, and to discuss the most appropriate Immediate Rewards program for you. You will be asked questions about any medical condition you may have, or medication you may be taking. You will be asked to sign a record card to confirm its accuracy, and in some instances you will be referred to your doctor for his/her agreement that you use the Diet as the sole source of nutrition. Indeed, we always recommend that your doctor is informed that you intend to use a weight loss program, and that he is kept in touch with your progress. Your Stocking Distributor can provide your doctor with publications about the Diet which have been written specifically for health professionals.

Once you have started your weight loss program, your Stocking Distributor will be in contact with you at your convenience during the first two to three days, and then at least once a week until you reach target weight.

Of great importance is the Maintain with Immediate Rewards program that your Stocking Distributor will introduce you to, and their continuing concern and support during what is for many customers the most difficult phase of all ... keeping weight off in the long term.

An Opportunity for You!
Openings often exist for new Immediate Rewards Diet Stocking Distributors throughout the U.S.

If helping people towards healthier lifestyles appeals to you, and you would like the flexibility of working hours that suit you and can fit around other family commitments, please contact us about becoming a Stocking Distributor.