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Code of Conduct

The Success Diet Counselor Code of Conduct covers all aspects of a Counselor's activity and helps customers know the level of service they should expect.

An Introduction

This Code of Conduct outlines the minimum acceptable standards of counseling which will ensure correct, responsible and safe practices. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct will always be discussed with the Counselor but could lead ultimately to termination of their Contract.

  • Applicants wishing to become Counselors must read and understand the Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.
  • Sponsors must ensure that all Counselors sponsored follow the Code by training them to counsel correctly, and providing them with help and advice as required.
  • Customers have at all times the opportunity to take up any grievances directly with the Company. If such a situation arises, it will always be discussed with the Counselor concerned before any action is taken.
1. Referrals

It is essential that all referral contacts are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

  • Counselors wishing to receive referrals must stock all items in the range or be prepared to order them immediately through the 24 hour delivery service or from a local stockiest.
  • Counselors wishing to receive referrals must have either an answer machine or call recording service.
  • Where a potential customer has been willing to provide contact details, the Counselor must make contact immediately on receipt of the referral notification if they have not already been phoned by the customer.
  • Counselors unable to deal with a particular referral for whatever reason must inform the Company immediately.
  • Counselors unavailable for any period of time must inform the Company in advance (eg; holidays).
  • Counselors not wishing to receive referrals must inform the Company.
  • Counselors must inform the Company if their telephone number or address changes at any time.
2. Screening

  • Customer Medical Record Form must be completed for every potential user of Dr. Howard's Success Diet. This includes those not using the diet sole source, as it is still essential to keep as full a record as possible of their contact with you. These cards are available from the Company and remain the property of the Company at all times. If resigning, a Counselor must return all Customer Medical Record Cards to the Company.
  • Customers requiring little or no weight loss must not use the Dr. Howard's Success Diet sole source program.
  • All customers must be advised to see their doctor before starting to diet and must sign the Customer Medical Record Card to that effect.
  • Customers with one of the listed contradictions (see the Success Diet booklet or the appropriate section in your Data file) must not be supplied with Dr. Howard's Success Diet as the sole source of nutrition.
  • No diet products should be supplied without the prior signature of agreement of that customer's doctor to anyone who answers 'yes' to any of the questions on the Customer Medical Record Form.
  • The Counselor must complete the Customer Medical Record Form by signing and dating it.
  • The Customer's height and weight must be recorded by measuring and weighing at the first counseling. It is recommended that a "before" photograph in front of a plain background is also taken at the first meeting as part of the customer's personal record. These details should never be used by the Counselor or the Company (eg for press articles) without the prior agreement of the customer in writing.
  • An appropriate target weight must be recommended using either the height-weight tables in the Diet booklet or by calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Counselors must explain the chosen program, including how to use it correctly. They must also alert the customer to any possible mild side effects and explain how to avoid them.
  • It must be emphasized at the start of every weight loss program that long-term weight maintenance is dependent upon the adoption of appropriate healthy eating habits and that your role as Counselor is also to help them achieve long term stability through Maintain with Success.
3. Supplying Product

  • An instruction booklet must be issued to every customer supplied with the Dr. Howard's Success Diet.
  • Supply of Dr. Howard's Success Diet should be for a minimum of one week and a maximum of four weeks at any one time unless otherwise instructed by the Company (for example as part of a special promotion) or by the customer's doctor (in writing).
  • A Counselor must be willing to supply a variety of flavors if requested by the customer.
  • Customers using the Dr. Howard's Success Diet as their sole source of nutrition should replace no more than one Diet packet per day with a Advantage meal bar.
  • Dr. Howard's weight loss products must not be supplied to anyone with an eating disorder. (If in any doubt, please contact the customer's doctor or contact us.
  • Although full counseling/screening is not essential when Dr. Howard's Success Diet products are used for nutritional supplementation and not as part of a weight loss program, a record of contact and product supply should still be maintained. It is easiest to do this by using the relevant sections only of the Customer Medical Record Card.
4. Contact

  • Initially (before supply of the diet), face-to-face contact between Counselor and customer is required.
  • A telephone call or personal meeting on day two or three of dieting should be made.
  • Personal or telephone contact should be made at the end of the first week, and should at minimum be weekly thereafter until target weight is achieved.
  • Once target weight is achieved, continued contact should be made in accordance with the recommendations of the Maintain with Success program, which should be fully explained to each customer.
  • At each contact the Counselor must enquire about the customer's health and take any action as necessary.
  • In addition, the Counselor must check on the amount of weight loss, recording it on the Customer Medical Record Card, and offer encouragement as necessary.
5. Customer Medical Record Form

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the form is fully completed and that all copies are legible. Failure to do so will negate the Counselor's Insurance Cover under the Company Policy.
  • Where his/her consent has been sought, the top copy of the completed form should be offered to the doctor. The middle copy should be retained by the customer.
  • The third copy must be retained by the Counselor and the reverse used to record all subsequent contact, noting: a) date of contact b) method of contact (personal, telephone) c) customer weight (and if possible measurements) d) general well being; side effects experienced (if any) e) quantity and type of products supplied (if any)
  • Counselors must keep full records of all customers up to date and stored safely.
  • A new Customer Medical Record Form must be completed when a customer returns after an interval of 12 months or more.
  • Records must be available at all times for inspection by a representative of the Company.
  • Counselors who resign must return all their record forms to the Company.
6. Side Effects

  • Customers experiencing any of the known transient side effects (eg headache) must be advised according to the Company guidelines (eg drink more water) and followed up personally or by telephone at least every other day until the side effects have disappeared.
  • Customers with side effects persisting for more than one week must be advised to see their doctor, and the Counselor must seek guidance immediately from the Company.
  • Customers reporting side effects other than outlined in the instruction booklet must be referred to their doctor without delay and the Company must be informed and told of the outcome.
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